Must Follow Home Safety Tips for the Wedding Season 

There is only one thing that may indicate the arrival of the wedding season: the scent of freshly made meals and the sight of dazzling lights everywhere in your area. Many individuals look forward to the celebrations that come with decorating their home, lighting the house, getting ready for festive celebrations, and raising a toast to the New Year with loved ones each year. 

Weddings are a great time to have fun, but if you’re not careful or organized, there’s a higher likelihood that something will go wrong. Several issues can occur, ranging from theft and home burglaries to home fires and snow damage. This winter, remember these home safety suggestions to ensure your safety throughout the festivities.

Safety of Wedding Lighting

There aren’t many more seasonal customs than decorating your house with lights. A new house built in Lahore smart city would have a certain set of protocols to follow in these circumstances. Although lights are one of the most dangerous decorations, they can get you in the festive spirit.

  • Replace any old, fraying, or exposed wires in the light strands.
  • Never use one extension cord to plug in more than three strands.
  • Never connect more than one extension cord at a time.
  • Because light clips can conduct electricity, use them instead of nails or screws. 
  • To prevent pets or kids from yanking or tugging on unsecured light strands, secure them.
  • Choose LED lighting over incandescent lighting because it uses less energy and has a lower risk of igniting fires due to its lower heat output. Energy bills can be reduced by using LED lighting.

Fire Safety 

Installing smoke detectors is especially important during the wedding season when there is a higher chance of home fires. Make careful to test them and change the batteries if necessary if you already have these installed. Upgrading to a smart smoke detector that delivers alerts straight to your phone can also be a smart idea right now.


  • If you are going to be out of the room for an extended amount of time, always extinguish the candles.
  • Ornamental candles should be kept out of children’s and pets’ reach and at least three feet away from combustible things.
  • Make sure candles are lit on level surfaces and in strong holders.


Every year, get your furnace inspected and your chimney cleaned by professionals.

When space heaters or fireplaces are operating, keep stockings, garlands, and other dangling wedding decorations away from these heating sources.

Wrapping paper should not be thrown into an indoor fireplace.

Make sure every sleeping place in your house has a working carbon monoxide detector. 


Always keep an eye on what you’re preparing. The most common reason for kitchen fires is unattended cooking. 

Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or close by.

Household Safety

Although the purpose of the holidays is to spread happiness, it is also known that larceny and burglary rates rise at this time of year. Improve your home’s security and take into account these home safety suggestions to avoid becoming the next victim of a burglary:

  • Gifts should not be placed beneath your tree if it is visible through a window.
  • If at all possible, make sure you are home when packages are delivered. Send high-value things to the post office if you are unable to be at home. 
  • Don’t leave gifts in your car overnight and always unload your car in the garage with the door locked when you bring them home. 

It might be a good idea to have a home security system right now if you don’t already have one. Keeping an eye on your property from a distance has grown simpler and more economical with the proliferation of home automation options. This holiday season, you can keep your home safe and secure with the help of many smart home tech products, like security cameras, video camera doorbells, and smart locks.

Prepare Your House for Winter 

Snow may be lovely, but if you’re not careful, the winter might pose a risk to your family and your house. Frozen pipes, ice dams, and icy driveways are a few potential issues. Make sure you winterize your house before the bitter cold of winter descends.

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