Exploring the Beautiful Land of Vietnam: Visa Information for Australian Citizens

Welcome, wanderlust souls! If you’re an Australian citizen with a thirst for adventure and a desire to explore the remarkable land of Vietnam, then this blog post is your golden ticket to uncovering all the visa information you need. From lush rice fields and vibrant bustling cities to serene beaches and ancient temples, Vietnam offers an enchanting blend of history, culture, and natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. So grab your passports as we embark on this thrilling journey together – let’s dive into everything you need to know about visas for Australian citizens in the beautiful land of Vietnam! VIETNAM VISA FOR ARGENTINE CITIZENS

What is a Vietnam Visa?

If you are an Australian citizen and you want to travel to Vietnam, you will need a visa. A visa is a permit that allows a person to enter a foreign country. Before you apply for a visa, you must first determine if you require a visa. You can check the requirements for your particular nationality online at the website of the Vietnam National Administration of Migration (VNM). If you are not sure whether or not you require a visa, it is best to contact the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in your home country.

To apply for a Vietnamese visa, visit the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate. You will need to provide your passport information, as well as documentation that proves your identity and citizenship. When applying for a Vietnamese visa, it is important to be prepared for long wait times and high fees. The application process can take up to two weeks, and the average processing fee is US$60.

Requirements for a Vietnam Visa

If you are an Australian citizen, you may be wondering what requirements you need to meet in order to explore the beautiful land of Vietnam. While there are no specific visa requirements for Australians, some basic precautions should always be taken when travelling to new countries, such as obtaining a valid passport and visas from your travel agent or consulate.

A visa is not required for citizens of the United States (90 days), Canada (30 days), Japan (90 days), South Korea (30 days), New Zealand (60 days) or Australia (6 months).

Please note that all visitors require a visa regardless of whether they are nationals of one of the visa-free countries listed above. Nationals of China must obtain a special permit prior to travel. VIETNAM VISA FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS

Please see our full list of Vietnam visa requirements here:

How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, one of the first things you’ll need is a visa. Here’s everything you need to know about applying for a visa and getting it approved:

1. Requirements for a Vietnam Visa

  To apply for a Vietnam visa, you must have a valid passport from your home country and be travelling on an official travel document issued by the Vietnamese authorities. You must also have proof of your onward travel (such as an airline ticket or hotel reservation).

2. How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa

  To apply for a Vietnam visa online, you’ll first need to create an account with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your home country. Once you’ve logged in, you can begin the application process by filling out the online form and uploading relevant documentation. Your application will then be evaluated and, if approved, your visa will be sent to your email address.

3. How to Extend Your Vietnam Visa

  If you plan on staying longer than six months in Vietnam, it’s recommended that you apply for a multiple-entry visa. This type of visa is valid for up to two years and can be extended once while in Vietnam. To do so, visit the nearest Vietnamese immigration office and fill out a new application form. Again, you’ll need to provide documentation such as your passport photo, flight itinerary, and copy of your travel voucher/cheque book.

What to Expect When You Arrive in Vietnam

When you arrive in Vietnam, you will need to have a valid visa. There are three types of visas that Australian citizens can obtain: a single-entry visa, a double-entry visa, or a multiple-entry visa. The duration of the visa is also based on the type of visa. A single-entry visa is for up to 30 days, while a double-entry visa is for up to 90 days. A multiple-entry visa is for up to 60 days and can be used multiple times within one year. You will also need to bring your passport with you when you arrive in Vietnam. If you are travelling with children, make sure they have their birth certificates with them as well.

Visas for Australians in Other Countries

If you’re an Australian citizen travelling to Vietnam, you will need a visa. A visa is required by law for all foreign visitors who are not nationals of the countries in question. The most common types of visas are tourist and business visas.

Tourist visas are valid for up to 30 days and allow you to visit Vietnam as many times as you like within that period. Business visas are valid for up to 90 days and allow you to conduct business activities in Vietnam. You will need to provide evidence of your intended purpose for visiting Vietnam and proof of funds sufficient to cover your stay.

Australian citizens can apply for a tourist visa at any Vietnamese embassy or consulate overseas. You can also apply online through the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The application process can take up to two weeks, but it is generally easier if you have already been granted a visa to another country in Asia or Europe.

Australian citizens living in Vietnam who wish to travel should check with their local police station whether they need a residence permit first. If so, they will need to apply for it through their local police station or the Department of Home Affairs website.


If you are planning on visiting Vietnam, make sure to obtain a visa in advance. This will ensure that your trip goes smoothly and that you do not run into any problems while in the country. We have included all of the necessary information below so that you can get started on obtaining your visa. Be sure to read it carefully and follow all of the instructions to the letter!

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